Company Name

We’ve been hard at work developing a new Cause A Scene logo to represent the next phase in our growth, a symbol to usher in all of the exciting changes we have in store.

Our goal has always been to bring together individuals in a city to curate a community built on a sense of belonging and a shared passion for discovering great music. Throughout our history, we’ve become known for curating and hosting intimate pop-up concerts in Nashville, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve realized a much larger dream of ours is to go beyond building up community in individual cities, to creating a national community that can make any city feel like “home”.

We hope that the new Cause A Scene flag can be something that unites people and helps guide us all toward creating a more beautiful world ahead. Whether you see the flag online or waving in the breeze outside of your favorite coffee shop, our desire is that you feel you’re being welcomed into our “home”, as part of our community.


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